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Studio Registration Policies

The information is provided so that you can better understand our rules and procedures.

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. A late fee of $25 will be applied on the 8th of each month to past due accounts. Parents that do NOT sign up for Auto Pay will be REQUIRED to leave a credit card on file with the front desk. Dancers that wish to withdraw from classes MUST give WRITTEN notice to the office at least 30 day in advance.

Each month is charged with the monthly rate, regardless how many days/weeks in each month. You are allowed to schedule "makeup classes" through the front desk for any time charged but not attended.  This does not apply to the after school program registration.

There are no withdraw refunds for the summer session.

Dress Code—Hair must be pulled back for every class
1.   Ballet & Pointe:  Girls - Solid black leotard with pink tights and pink shoes.  Hair in a secure bun. Boys - Black Ballet leggings, white
     fitted tee, white or black socks, and black ballet shoes.
2.   Preschool, Creative & Combo:  Any color leotard and tights. Ballet, Tap, and/or Jazz shoes.
3.   Tap: Tap Shoes and tight fitting dancewear that shows your bodylines.
4.   Contemporary Lyrical: Tight fitting dancewear that shows your bodylines and should be prepared to dance barefoot, socks or
5.   Leaps and Turns: Tight fitting dancewear that shows your bodylines and should be prepared to dance barefoot, socks or turners.
6.   Hip Hop:  Any moveable dance attire and sneakers.
7.   Acro:  Leotard or dance top with dance short and bare feet.
8.   Jazz and Musical Theater: Jazz Shoes and tight fitting dancewear that shows your bodylines.
9.   Latin: Ballroom Shoes and tight fitting dancewear that shows your bodylines plus a ballroom skirt.

**Tight fitting dancewear is considered a dance top, leggings, dance shorts, etc.
**For Jazz and Contemporary t-shirts and loose fit clothing may be allowed at times, no sweatshirts allowed.

Minimum class size:

We prefer to have a minimum of 6 active students per class. Any fewer may result in a schedule change.

Attendance and make-up classes:
You are allowed 3 make up classes (summer allows 1 make up class) if there is an appropriate class and it is not full. To schedule a make-up class please send an e-mail to the front desk. No make-up classes will be scheduled after March 1, 2022 due to showcase preparations. There are NO make-up classes for Aerial Arts.

Notice of Withdrawal:
If a dancer wishes to drop a class, the studio must be notified in writing 30 days in advance. The withdrawal is not final until you receive a confirmation of withdrawal from the office.  The adjustment will be made on your account after 30 days.  There is no pro-rating for missed classes. There are no withdraw refunds given for summer classes.

Temporary Dropouts:
If a dancer misses three consecutive classes, without notification to the office, they will be considered a drop out.  If the dancer wants to return, there will be a $30.00 renewal fee and the dancer will be placed in an appropriate level class that is not full.

We ask each student to participate in at least one Showcase dance if they are enrolled in a showcase class.  (This does not apply to team dancers)

DanzForce Extreme does not carry special insurance for its dancers.  If a dancer gets hurt, it is understood that the student’s insurance plan will be the only source of reimbursement.  In the event of an accident it will be at the Studio’s discretion to call Emergency 911 Service.

Photo Release:
I grant DanzForce Extreme full permission to use photographs, video and any other recording of classes or programs involving my child/children for any legitimate purposes.

Session Rates
First Student:

Up to 1 Hour - $60
1 1/2 Hours - $90
Up to 2 Hours - $110
Up to 2 1/2 Hours - $140
Up to 3 Hours - $160
Up to 3 1/2 Hours - $180
Up to 4 Hours - $200
Up to 4 1/2 Hours - $210
Up to 5 Hours - $220
Up to 5 1/2 Hours - $230
Up to 6 Hours - $240
Up to 6 1/2 Hours - $250
7 Hours Plus (unlimited classes) - $260
Additional siblings will receive a 15% discount.

Trial Class/Drop In Class
90 minute trial - $22
1 hour trial - $15

Aerial Arts (Silks and Lyra) $210.00 for 12 week session or $23 per Drop in Class (When space is available)
Summer Aerial Arts Classes are $122 for the 7 week session.
**There are no discounts for Aerial Arts.
**Length of session for Aerial Arts is subject to change


Contact Us

DanzForce Extreme

11602 Lake Underhill Rd.
Suite 126
Orlando, FL 32825
Ph: 407-482-2552
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